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Timeless and distinctive.  Our Seersucker patterned acrylic bags are a great Summer accessory. The series includes all five duffel bags sizes that we also make in cotton duck, as well as our Business bags which include our laptop carryall bag and our "canvas" briefcase (only now made in acrylic). Shown here with white webbing and trim, these bags can all be ordered below with navy blue starps and trim too, just use the drop-down menu when ordering. We use our classic Wm. J. Mills & Co. label. but the lettering for this series uses our Blue lettered label. We think you will find a size for each purpose. Built to last a lifetime. Beautiful and machine washable....over and over.

Quality and eye catching color have been our hallmark for our 60 years of making bags. With every bag, you get the same quality and attention to detail that comes with individual handmade products, because that is how we make them. We are a sail loft, not a factory. We do not make our bags in serial production. Typically each order is built for you by one of our master sewers. Because we make each bag for you, you can also specify the trim color you want. Just use the drop-down menu below when ordering. When ordering trim please be advised that the trim color specifies the webbing, and zipper color. The webbing and bag are sewn with thread to match the webbing (trim) color you select.

We have been using acrylic to make bags and other products since the mid 1970's; so we know this fabric well and know it will perform to your needs, throughout the long life of your bag. We do not stock these bags, so if you are in a hurry, please tell us in your note screen when ordering.










The Fisher's Island Seersucker Acrylic Duffel Bag 12-2009-2001-0 12” Long x 7” Dia. $119.00
The Gardiner's Island Seersucker Acrylic Duffel Bag 12-2007-2001-0 15.5" Long x 9" Dia. $139.00
The Shelter Island Seersucker Acrylic Duffel Bag 12-2006-2001-0 17.5" Long x 11" Dia. $159.00
The Sag Harbor Seersucker Duffel Bag 12-2005-2001-0 25.5” Long x 11” Dia. $169.00
The Canvas Briefcase in Seersucker 12-2014-2001-0 14" Long x 4" Wide x 12" Deep $150.00
Laptop Carryall in Seersucker 12-0175-2001-00 18.25" East to West x 12.25" Tall x Flat $130.00
Companion Bag set in Seersucker Acrylic 12-2064-2001-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag In Seersucker $115.00


You may also order by phone Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST.

If you have any questions or concerns, please review our terms and conditions policy, or just give us a call.

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