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At Wm. J. Mills & Co., we craft our canvas bags one at a time in our sail loft with the same meticulous attention to detail that has served as our hallmark for over a century. Our master sewers make each bag their art. Because we don't stock many bags, we can offer a full range of options and colors so that you can get what you want.

Each of our hand-crafted canvas bags is created using the same rugged fabric and stitching used to make our weather-resistant marine products and awnings, so you know that they’ll last, year after year. Plus, we employ “double-needle” stitching to create rolled and finished seams – inside and out – for unsurpassed strength and longevity.

Timeless style, built to last a lifetime. You will find a selection on the following pages or you can go to one of our special retail partners around the world. Just click a tab at the top of the page to begin your journey. 


WM. J. MILLS & CO.   •   74100 WEST FRONT STREET   •   GREENPORT, NEW YORK 11944   •   631.477.1500              631.477.1500