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Classic shapes that do the job. Functional and stylish. Staying organized is the secret to travel fun. These bags get you there by keeping all of the little things together. We can build your companion bags to any be the same as the other bag in our line to give you a stylish set, in your signature color. We have used these bags ourselves for years and they save you time and trouble when hitting the road.

Once again a bag with a purpose. Purpose is what our bags are all about. These bags are made for everyday, rugged use. When they get dirty, inside or out, just wash them in a standard washing machine. Strong and well crafted, they carry a lot with style and an appealing look that is totally Mills. When carrying toiletries bags often get soiled on the inside. When that happens, just take the bag, turn it inside out and give it a good washing. Air dry it and it will be ready for another trip.

Crafted from #8 cotton duck canvas, and built to last a lifetime. Beautiful and machine washable....over and over.  Because we make each bag for you, you can also specify the trim color you want. Just use the drop-down menu below when ordering. When ordering trim please be advised that the trim color specifies the zipper color. The bags are sewn with thread to match the trim color you select.

Quality and color is what make our bags distinctive so use the menu below to order your color and select the trim package you want. With every bag, you get the same quality and attention to detail that comes with every Wm. J. Mills & Co. product.  Our large color palette of available fabrics makes these bags a match with every taste. Not all colors are stock, so if you are in a hurry, please tell us in your note screen when ordering.

Bag dimensions are as follows:

Shaving Kit Bag:                                                                                                                Cosmetic Bag: 
   10.0" East to West x 6.0" Wide x 4.25" tall                                                                9.5" East to West x 6.5" tall x Flat

     DSC_0001.JPG                                DSC_0148.JPG

    Cosmetic Bag in Cobalt Blue with Blue Trim                                             Shaving Kit Bag in Purple Passion with White Trim



NaturalPumpkinNow AvailableNavy Blue
NaturalNapthol RedPumpkinSunshineOlive GreenNavy Blue

Cobalt BlueHot PinkTeak TanStorm GreyRaven Black
Cobalt BlueHot PinkTeak TanStorm GreyRaven Black


Companion Bag set in Seersucker Acrylic 12-2064-2001-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag In Seersucker $115.00
Companion Bag set in Natural 12-2064-1001-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag in Natural $115.00 Trim only
Companion Bag set in Storm Grey 12-2064-1002-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag in Storm Grey $115.00
Companion Bag set in Teak Tan 12-2064-1003-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag in Teak Tan $115.00
Companion Bag set in Raven Black 12-2064-1004-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag in Raven Black $115.00
Companion Bag set in Navy Blue 12-2064-1005-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag in Navy Blue $115.00
Companion Bag set in Napthol Red 12-2064-1006-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag in Napthol Red $115.00
Companion Bag set in Olive Green 12-2064-1008-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag in Olive Green $115.00
Companion Bag set in Cobalt Blue 12-2064-1009-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag In Cobalt Blue $115.00
Companion Bag set in Pumpkin 12-2064-1011-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag in Pumpkin $115.00
Companion Bag set in Sunshine 12-2064-1012-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag in Sunshine $115.00
Companion Bag set in Hot Pink 12-1064-1013-00 Shaving Kit & Cosmetic Bag in Hot Pink $115.00


You may also order by phone Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST.
Please keep in mind: Variations in fabric dye lots and differences in screen resolutions may cause colors seen on-screen to differ from the actual bag you receive. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please review our terms and conditions policy, or just give us a call.

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